Welcoming Clare Dean as Communications Consultant for Make Data Count


This week we are thrilled to welcome Clare Dean as Communications Consultant for Make Data Count. In this role, Clare will be supporting Make Data Count’s outreach and community engagement activities. Clare brings a wealth of experience working with organizations in scholarly communications and open science initiatives, but best to let her tell you about it. Here’s a brief introduction to Clare, in her own words. Welcome Clare!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and your journey working in the scholarly communications and infrastructure space?

Clare Dean

Originally British, I’ve lived in the US for 18 years, and currently live in Vermont with my family where I balance family life with consulting, writing, art, and entrepreneurship, most of which I do from my barn studio!

Professionally, I’m a marketing strategy consultant primarily working in the scholarly communications space. I’ve worked in and around publishing for 20 years, my most recent full-time position held was as the Marketing Director at PLOS where I was for nearly 4 years. As a consultant, I’ve worked for a number of organizations and initiatives in this space, including Metadata2020, Crossref, Coko Foundation, and ROR.

What drew you to this role with Make Data Count?

Having worked in open science for many years, initiatives like Make Data Count that lead such crucial community projects within the open science ecosystem are hugely appealing for me to work with. I’m always looking for opportunities to apply my marketing and communications skills where they can be of the most value, and Make Data Count is a terrific initiative making huge strides to drive greater recognition of open data. 

I’ve also had very positive experiences working with Iratxe at PLOS, and many of the Advisory Group members on other projects, so I am confident I’m working with an exceptional team of good people.

How would you describe your approach to outreach and community engagement? From your previous experience, what would you highlight as key elements for successfully engaging with the community?

Like many with my profession, I’m data-driven, always looking deeply towards what combinations of data could be telling us and how to apply those learnings to communications in concert with product development. I marry analysis and reporting with creative and experimental approaches to marketing and communications strategy. I’m not a ‘plug and play’ kind of marketer, but get inspiration from approaches in other industries, to innovate, and find creative ways to engage and scale for maximal effectiveness where relevant.

With my highly driven team at PLOS, in addition to delivering inclusive outreach approaches, we developed more nuanced ways of connecting with different communities about the things that mattered to them most, finding innovative methods of increasing engagement through participatory approaches. Similarly at Make Data Count, I’m looking to ensure that we respond to the interests of different groups, and to find new ways to encourage community engagement that help drive the various Make Data Count activities, while being useful to participating individuals. 

I believe in listening to the people you’re looking to connect with, and that communication isn’t just about pushing messages out, but about responding to what you’re hearing from the community. With that, I welcome anybody to contact me with thoughts, feedback, and questions. I’m looking forward to working more closely with the community.

Stay tuned for updates on ongoing activities and projects from Make Data Count, not least our upcoming Make Data Count Summit in London next September! Remember that you can sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with Make Data Count updates, or reach out with any questions or suggestions.