Make Data Count is committed to advancing the development and adoption of open data metrics to facilitate the evaluation and acknowledgment of research data reuse and impact. Our roadmap is designed to enhance the visibility and recognition of data.


Strategic GoalActivities
Develop Trusted Infrastructure: Provide a comprehensive set of recommendations and approaches for open data metrics that are widely adopted by the community.The development of the Data Citation Corpus and Usage Tracker.

Integrate these tools with major platforms, and promote their adoption across repositories.
Incorporating Metrics in Research Assessment: Integrate Make Data Count metrics into research evaluations, like tenure and funding decisions, by partnering with reform initiatives and promoting community approaches to open data metrics.Actively engage with and contribute to research assessment reform initiatives.

Develop resources for institutions.

Highlight exemplars who incorporate open data metrics into their evaluation processes.
Establishing Open Data Metrics as the Standard: Increase awareness and facilitate discussions on open data metrics.Organize inclusive events such as the Make Data Count Summit.

Develop accessible documentation and resources.

Engage with initiatives that align with Make Data Count’s mission.
Implementing a Sustainability Model: Secure Make Data Count’s financial future by outlining a sustainability model.Articulate and implement a sustainability plan that maps Make Data Count’s resources and costs.

Identify potential strategic partners.