The below resources are aimed at repositories looking to contribute to, and leverage shared approaches to counting views and downloads. If you would like to schedule a meeting with DataCite technical staff to walk through this process or answer questions about the MDC approach to tracking data usage, please get in touch.

Step 1: Normalized & comparable counting

There are two approaches to normalized and comparable counting of views & downloads. A) Use the DataCite Usage Tracker or B) Independently standardize usage at your repository against the COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data. 

Approach A: The DataCite Usage Tracker

DataCite has an embeddable Data Usage Tracker that allows data repositories to collect normalized views and download statistics. Documentation is available at, and questions can be sent to

Approach B: Standardizing against the COUNTER CoP independently

Step 2: Retrieving aggregate usage for your repository

Independently of the approach your repository takes for standardizing data usage counts, aggregated usage statistics can be retrieved through the following endpoints.