Make Data Count is a global, community-led initiative focused on the development of open data metrics. The principles of our social and technical infrastructure are rooted in transparency and accessibility. We believe that open data metrics will require broad adoption and our best path towards that is global community involvement throughout each phase of work.

Through the development of standards, centralized and transparent infrastructure, and reproducible bibliometrics research, we aim towards a state where researchers and research supporting communities will have properly identified indicators for data re-use that can be used for assessing research data investment ROIs and help advance scientific discovery. It is essential that these metrics are flexible, adjusting with research as the scientific landscape evolves, and that these openly reproducible metrics are broadly accepted by researchers.

Driven by project partners at California Digital Library, Crossref, DataCite, DataONE, ScholCommLab, University of Ottawa, and ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, our goals are to produce evidence based studies on researcher behavior in citing and using data, as well as drive a community of practice around open, normalized data usage and data citation.